Open Windows In Babylon
Author: Kemela Okara
Publish Date: 1 Jun, 2001
Price: $14.99
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Open Windows in Babylon is a fresh and exciting new look at how crucial prayer is for believers worldwide especially in these desperate times. Through the wisdom and personal experiences shared in this book, you will go beyond ordinary prayer into the supernatural realms of prayer to touch God and release the supernatural in your life. You will discover how to: Recognize and deal with hindrances to prayer - Persevere in prayer - Go to a new, higher level of intercession - Combine prayer and fasting - Look to Jesus as the perfect example. Open Windows in Babylon The Power of Prayer in a Broken World covers subjects and examines Scriptures not normally found in traditional books on prayer. From his many years of global ministry and counseling, author Kemela Okarashares how you can receive a powerful anointing that will spill over into every dimension of your life. To live victoriously and to be tools in the hands of God to advance His Kingdom, we need the oxygen of prayer, writes the author. Never again will you experience defeat in your prayer life!