Recent Political Activities
The journey so far

My journey into active politics began in January 2010 when I joined the Save Nigeria Group (SNG) march in Abuja to the National Assembly. This was at the height of the constitutional crisis created by the absence of late president Yar’Adua due to ill health.


By December 2010, I had decided on running for elective office as the Governorship of the Action Congress Of Nigeria (ACN) in Bayelsa State. This was after much debate and soul searching as to whether to go to the Legislative or the executive arm of government.


From December 2010 to February 2012, When I eventually contested the Governorship elections as the CAN candidate, it was a roller coaster experience. Naturally I came into politics with no prior political experience. I had never held any government appointment, not to talk of running for elective office. I had to quickly learn the dynamics and internal working procedures of the political party system. Not only we had to seek creative ways to raise money, in an election, in which we were perceived as having no chance of winning. Additionally, we had to begin the process, of establishing a political structure from scratch.


By the time campaigns commenced in earnest, we were faced with the seemingly daunting task of campaigning across a very challenging riverine terrain almost on a daily basis especially in the month leading up to the election. Then of course in the aftermath of the election, we have had to come to terms with the massive voter intimidation and rigging that took place. Nevertheless we are undaunted and see the election as the necessary challenge to prepare us for the task of nation building that lies ahead.