The Niger Delta is a complex region with deep development challenges hampered by neglect, exploitation, abuse and corruption. From independence to date the challenge has remained largely the same - poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, poor infrastructure and bad governance.

The statistics are grim

  • 62% of the population is made up of youths i.e. aged 15 – 29 years.
  • 87% of the youth population is unemployed.
  • 25.8% adults are literate.
  • 71.2% live in poverty.
  • 43.3% finish primary school.
  • 43.2% finish secondary school.
  • 13.5% go on to any form of higher education.

In other words the majority of the population is illiterate, poor and unemployed. Little wonder therefore that militancy found fertile recruiting ground in the Niger Delta.

Whilst the Federal Government’s Amnesty Programme has made some efforts in providing education and skills acquisition for ex militants there is still a yawning gap that needs to be addressed.

The Kemela Okara Foundation seeks to provide interventionist support by providing Vocational and Entrepreneurial training to young men and women across the Niger Delta as a means of addressing the prevalent challenges of illiteracy, poverty and unemployment.